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During the Dinah Shore Golf Classic for Women Dana met Tonya, who was assigned as her hospitality assistant — an overly attentive sidekick — making sure she was at various Classic events, keeping fans at a distance, and doing other “gopher” errands. Tonya eventually forced her out of the closet and used her sexuality as a marketing tool.After Palm Springs, Tonya tagged along back to West Hollywood and moved in with Dana, but didn’t like her cat, Mr. Dana also learned that the increasingly power-hungry Tonya had been taking 15% of her sponsorship income as a “manager’s fee.” As Dana tired of Tonya’s domineering behavior and realized she was little more than a gold-digging opportunist, she and Alice began flirting and then sleeping together, and she called the wedding off.The very next episode Lara discovered a lump in Dana’s breast and Dana went for a check up.While waiting for the results Dana decided to come out to the press before she was diagnosed with breast cancer.She was raised in a very conservative background and was a closeted lesbian.She mentioned falling in love with her first girlfriend at tennis camp. Early on, Tonya appointed herself Dana’s manager, arranging sponsorship and planning social events without her input.

Despite lofty expectations and a kickass trailer, critics were pretty unified that The Newsroom was a dud.Dana Fairbanks is a very athletic, white and feminine pro tennis player, and thus high-class.She starts out as closeted, but begins to date Tonya, an obsessed fan, who uses Dana's sexuality as a promotional tool, forcing her out of the closet.The two met at a Country club and started dating but split because of Dana’s fear of being outed, after she took her doubles partner with her to a sponsor event.

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In the third season, six months after season 2, Dana was back with Lara after a harsh breakup with Alice.In the first image she has a more sporty look, but the other two images seem to have more of an emphasis on the fashion and femininity than on the character.

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