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Where sons are shown here, they may in fact be grandsons, or even further removed.

As this list may be somewhat unorthodox when compared to generally available lists of Chera kings, their more usual ordering is shown in grey text and in parentheses, , and so on.

Agriculture was the main occupation for the great majority of the populace.

As mentioned in the Roman connection, foreign trade also flourished.

An early king that does precede these, however, probably did exist - Vanavaramban of circa 430 BC.

This is assumed because the early Chera leaders called themselves the Vanavar, or 'celestials' and it was common among Hindu dynasties to be called after the name of their founders (with just the same practice to be found in Germanic dynasties of post-Roman Europe).

They are all legitimate, so it is possible to have two lists with different names that are really talking about the same people.

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Several sources give a list of nine rulers that extends backwards into the fifth century BC, but these are merely rehashes of existing names.All of the Chera kings stemmed from one of two clans, the Vanavaraman and the Irumporai, but there also seems to have been a level of intermarriage between the clans, making any attempt to construct a genealogy a complex affair.

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