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24-Aug-2018 12:19

When I could fall asleep at night knowing that I would choose her over any other girl without question...That's when I'd consider getting into something serious." -Cameron, 19 "There are many things that make me want to get serious with a girl.He has been upfront with me about still being on here talking to people but he says that I am the one he is dating.I actually stayed off the site until a couple days ago just to feel apart of something. I am confused because he says that he doesn't want to date anyone but me but he still gets on this site.Landra, if there was mutual attraction, I would have no problem at all being exclusive after 2 dates and meeting her family. We met right before the 1st of December and actually have spent almost everyday together and I even met his siblings on christmas day.If I feel like an option to someone, they're not going to be a priority to me. However, he feels that it is too soon to meet my family.

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It's not a marriage proposal, it's actually how 2 people should date when dating, otherwise no one is concentrating cause the texts, emails, phone calls, dates with other people kind of get in the way !!! I just have this image of going down to the Register's Office with a partner in tow and registering that we are going to have sex. I feel like every time I log in you're crazy about someone brand new ~ so quickly after you were sooo crazy about the last one! It should happen when both of you know it is right.

Those who firmly set personal boundaries for themselves are only sabotaging the universe's natural way of working in their lives.