Updating an old computer

16-Feb-2018 23:35

A good sign you could benefit from more RAM is if your computer slows down a lot when you try to use several programs simultaneously. Keep in mind that a 32-bit operating system can only handle 4 GB of RAM.

Because graphics processing uses RAM, a graphics card upgrade may improve overall performance.

If your old drive is still functional, consider adding a drive instead of removing and replacing the older one.

Most desktop computer motherboards can handle up to four hard drives, including the optical drive.

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Surely you can take an old machine and, by adding extra kit here and there, turn it back into something worthwhile? Can you just throw a half-decent graphics card into an old rig and make something of it?When you know what you're doing, upgrading computer components can help in certain situations.But it's important to weigh the time and cost of making the upgrade against the time and productivity you may be losing by not making it.When installing a new processor, the key consideration (besides number of cores and speed) is finding one that will work with your motherboard.

There are plenty of tutorials available online for each of these upgrades, including video tutorials that will walk you through the process step by step.

Before deciding you need a hardware upgrade, make sure you actually have a hardware problem.