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26-Jan-2018 17:50

Everything started out with him, my husband , and I playing cards and having some drinks.

Once we started playing strip uno it didn't take long for my cloths to Hi Webmaster, Thanks for the great feedback on our last pictures. The bathing suit is a suit she likes to wear when others are around but ... I'll work my way through your requests, but I must admit, this photo session was pretty fun.

My wife is actually the one who found this site and she isn't usually this "daring". Here is her BEST dare as she was topless on the beach when only Hi All, This is a huge dare of my husbands.

I thought he already had big dares for me and I have completed most of them. But, now he found your site and dared me to actually post some of the dares I have done so that the world can see them Hi Webmaster, I have been on this site now for about 3 years just looking at all the photos and reading the dares, and I must say it really gets me off!

1- You and all persons in pics/videos MUST be over 18 years of age. digital only = digital camera, cam, cell but not too fuzzy. By submitting your content, you agree to the rules above and our address so that readers can contact you and ask you about the dare. ***Short video clips are now being accepted from those who have completed the dare challenge.

2- If the pic submitted is not of you (ex: your wife, girlfriend, best friend etc...) then be sure you have permission from the person first as YOU are responsible by law (not this site - USC Title 18 section 2257) for consequences of posting pics that are not yours. 3- No abusive, degrading or improper language (i.e. Many people who submit their stories & pics LOVE getting feedback! We will let you know by email as soon as your dare is posted.

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She needs to hear what people want to see and what they would like to do to her Uh I mean what dares they have for ... My wife and I have been married for 11 years now, and were looking to try new and exciting things. Wife and I both share a mutal love for it and get of reading everyone else's stories.

My wife and I have very busy schedules trying to make ends meet and have very little time to ourselves.