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31-May-2018 07:26

Although it may be impossible to trust anything you find online absolutely, let alone take it as a prescription for how you should live your own life, it's nevertheless possible to use even the most ridiculous of fantasies to sound out your own desires.

If one of the unlikely scenarios we painted a moment ago caused you to stir in your panties, give it some thought and see if you can figure out what appealed in particular.

The woman who might have been prepared to see her husband don the attire and attitude of a domestic servant on occasion, perhaps as a way of spicing up their bedroom activities, is turned off by his intensity, unwilling to humour him at all thanks to his insistence that her maid lives up to some unlikely role model.The people who frequent any forum, chat room or blog are self-selecting - those who find the atmosphere to their taste stick around, whereas those who don't move on in search of a more agreeable community.It's easy to dismiss the more outlandish or preposterous of claims when you know what you're talking about, but more subtle exaggerations or distortions may slip past even the most veteran of experts, let alone someone new to a particular subject.In a sense, sexual fantasies are like wanting to win the lottery - it's okay to daydream about what you might do with your unexpected millions, but quitting your job or buying a flash car before the draw in the misguided expectation that your ticket will see you right is unlikely to end positively.

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There's nothing shameful or wrong about such fancies, provided you're able to recognise them for what they are - nothing more, nothing less.Like losing yourself in a thrilling action movie, there's nothing wrong with having fantasies so long as you don't take them too seriously.

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