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The main administrative building is the focus of the campus, with the 6 storey circular library tower behind.The main entrance is majestic, sloping up towards the sky with the side walls welcomingly sloping outwards towards a wide set of steps. The building is totally open, symbolic of an institution whose aim is to promote research into helping the poor.The roofs had often interesting shapes with funny openings at certain location.These openings were Baker’s interpretation of the gables which were tilted into the wind direction funnelling it into the space.

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The premier Delhi based live cam chat portal has now decided to expand its viewership, after site officials decided to make the sessions available for overseas clients.Exposed brick walls in beautiful patterns and bonds, exposed concrete sloping roofs with filler slabs of mangalore tiles forming beautiful patterns and jaalis in the brick walls of numerous designs creating amazing patterns of light and shade inside the buildings while at the same time letting in wind and light.The plinths of the buildings are all of exposed random rubble granite, the white contrasting with the red of the brick.The design is a response to the sloping contoured site and seems to grow out of it.

There is hardly a straight line with each structure curling in waves, semicircles and arcs.Male members of the community have provided positive feedback and the company expects that the fan following will continue to increase, given the decision to expand on a larger scale. Unlike them, most others focus on showcasing voluptuous women who fail to live up to the standards.