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24-May-2018 03:44

Little wonder that some 25 of the 250 of the women who work here are HIV positive.Indonesia’s Aids epidemic is among the fastest-growing in Asia.On a hot and humid Tuesday night recently the lanes were thronged with drinkers by 11pm and every bar was pumping out a different pop song, generating a deafening cacophony.A child of about eight, wearing a hijab to cover her modesty, darting in and out of the bars, made the most incongruous sight.There are positive ways to prevent HIV transmission, ways that do not follow the Western style”.There is nothing “Western style” about the commercial sex on offer in Bekasi.

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Both Rizki and her friend Melli, 25, say they protect themselves against Aids.

“If he won’t use a condom I can walk away”, says Melli.