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The Birdsong Cafe, The Village Shop, Farmer's Cafe and Bombay Salad Co. Tips for fellow vegans: Substitute butter with olive oil, make ice creams with cashew or coconut milk. So, I went vegetarian and slowly started weaning myself off other animal products too," says 32-year-old Goregaon resident Tanya Pearl Roberts.

"In September 2013, I decided to go vegan — it is one of the best decisions I've made," she says.

I am a big fan of Burmese Khow Suey, and I used to visit the Lemon Leaf in Bandra.

Initial challenges: It would be a tad overwhelming at times, because the server would refuse to make a substitution. For breakfast: I like The Pantry's [Kala Ghoda] gluten-free Quinoa Flour Crêpes. For lunch and dinner: My favourites would be The Fatty Bao, Hello Guppy, Joss, Sushi Café, Sampan, Nom Nom, Pa Pa Ya, Kofuku, Mamagoto and Bastian.

Once the staff at a pav bhaji joint refused to serve me the dish without butter; 'Madam, pav bhaji butter ke bina kaise ban sakti hai? For meat substitutes: Soya granules and chunks can make some seriously good meat-tasting food. I also prefer LPQ, Out of the Blue, Smoke House Deli, Vegan Burger Kitchen and Udupi joints.

For evening tea: Taj Mahal Tea House serves lovely tea lemonades, iced teas and sherbets. Tips for fellow vegans: Read your food labels — some products marked with a vegetarian sign could be vegan too.

First memorable meal after turning vegan: I was on a two-month vacation to the US.

Chetana [Fort] serves a dairy and gluten-free thali.

For dinner: Hello Guppy [BKC] does a delicious Tofu on a Bed of Vegetables. Pizza Express will make pasta or pizza without cheese for you. When I was 15, I couldn't come to terms with the fact that I was fond of animals but still consumed meat.

This year, Roberts started Indie Maharani, a vegan apparel brand.

First memorable meal after turning vegan: It was at a pan-Asian restaurant as most recipes don't call for dairy products.Bournville chocolate was vegan but they changed the composition. For breakfast: South Indian breakfast in Café Mysore, The Village Shop does a Tofu Akuri and a cashew-based vegan spread.