Error validating forecaster login Free cyber videochatrondom

16-Jan-2018 12:39

Can you take an image of the new Facebook Developer Area you're seeing?We just went through the documentation step by step and it was spot on for what we see.Did you ever manage to get the permission prompt for your channel owner?If that hasn't been resolved, we need to back up and address that issue still.Please have them login on the front-end of the site and accept the correct permission.Part of the problem of changing domain names is that a lot of things like the Facebook Channel get invalidated.I took Microsoft's suggestion and decided to update my Windows 7 installation, But when I got up in the morning to check how the update went, all I had on screen was a text message that there had been an unauthorized access to firmware and that the boot-sector on the RAID 5 array could no longer be located.

This is not a Page / Group or the Application in the Developer area, but the personal profile of the user.I am getting the following error Facebook API Error: Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user has changed the password.