Drugs and dating

11-Sep-2017 16:13

She would also hate the fact that I was high some times during sex, haha!

The girl im with now enjoys opiates & what not like me so everything is really cool.

I have no problems dating someone who doesn't use drugs, who simply doesn't enjoy them or feel like the risks are worth it for what she gets from it.

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They're always cool about it and never pass judgment or anything. Why do so many people think that just because someone doesn't do drugs that they're automatically narrow minded? I have friends who don't do drugs and they're just as good of friends as those who do drugs.

They're always cool about it and never pass judgment or anything. That's a good point, but I think what Renz means is that his ex-girlfriend looked down on his taking a substance other than her own preferred substance, alcohol; and that is pretty narrow minded.

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