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27-Jun-2018 10:54

Alternatively, you can also use one of the several Chinese social media and messaging apps to get acquainted with new women while you’re in China.People in China love to use We Chat in particular, so get as familiar with it as possible.Even in person, you may find Chinese girls taking a lot of your sarcastic jokes literally, so you may have to tone things down in that department to avoid a misunderstanding.Another way to signal your intentions and emotions is to use plenty of emojis.This is also why it helps to target girls who are specifically interested in dating foreigners; it may lower the “walls” just a little bit.It’s kind of hard to convey tone and other factors like intention through text.People like to talk about how “hard” Asian languages are, but the truth is that they’re not hard, they’re just very different from Western languages.

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Will this mean that you’ll have to tone down your “game” a little bit?Once a single bad misunderstanding has occurred, you’ve probably lost your chance with the girl, even if she later comes to realize that you meant to say something else; the awkward feelings will more than likely linger between you.This is also a good time to mention that if you aren’t fluent, get fluent!Let’s take a look at some tips on how to text your potential Chinese girlfriend and not mess things up: If a Chinese girl is shy and plays hard-to-get, it’s usually not an act—her parents taught her to be suspicious of men’s intentions and to guard herself.

This would be especially true if you’re a foreigner.Don’t bring it up explicitly over text, and absolutely do not send pictures of anything under your clothes.

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